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How to enter [ and leave] Dimension X [Universe]

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How to enter [ and leave] Dimension X [Universe] Empty How to enter [ and leave] Dimension X [Universe]

Post  Maxios on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:13 pm

There are numerous ways to enter Dimension X. Sometimes, entering a blackhole can lead you to the Dimension. Rarely, a magical portal can open up, which allows you to enter. These portals can open up in any universe. A much simpler way of entering Dimension X is to be simply BORN in it. Sometimes, large portals can suck in entire buildings and their denizens. This is the primary reason that Ancient Roman Temples can appear right next to Futuristic Skyscrapers. All of the portals lead to the Planet Dimension X, not any of the other Planets in the Universe Dimension X
Oddly enough, leaving Dimension X is a lot simpler then entering it. Hidden somewhere in the world (It moves around) is Chrono's Workshop. This special workshop has special portals that can lead you to any universe.
The only problem is getting back into Dimension X....
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