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Dimension X [The Planet]

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Dimension X [The Planet] Empty Dimension X [The Planet]

Post  Maxios on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:08 pm


Whenever Dimenson X is referred to in this thread, it means the Planet

Dimension X is a very...unique planet. It's flat, like a disc. The center of this Disc is a large city named Polis. There's seven continents (A North Pole, a South Pole, Abtruse, Slateria, Flarox, Cordonica, Flasia)

North Pole: 'nuff said
South Pole: See the North Pole
Abtruse: Nicknamed the Shipwreck Continent. The only way to discover Abtruse is by accident. It's said that it has never rained in Abtruse, but this is an exaggeration.
Slateria: A large continent that Polis is on.
Flarox: A continent smaller then Slateria, but larger then Flasia. Flarox is home to much of Dimension X's deserts & rain-forests.
Cordonica: A medium-sized continent. It shares a relationship with Flarox similar to Europe and Asia
Flasia: A small continent connected to Cordonica.

Dimension X has a Moon roughly the size of Earth's. Because of Dimension X's special geography, the Sun orbits are DIMENSION X, not the other way around. The Moon also orbits are Dimension X, and is always on the other side of it from the sun.
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