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Space & Other Planets [The Universe]

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Space & Other Planets [The Universe] Empty Space & Other Planets [The Universe]

Post  Maxios on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:21 pm

Yes, in the universe of Dimension X, there ARE other planets, and some of them round. However, there is only a dozen (give or take a couple) planets in Dimension X. Most of the extra-terrestrial aliens on Dimension X [planet] crossed the border between countries illegally. All of the terrestrial aliens were born on Dimension X [The planet], or entered it through a portal. Many attempts have been done to name Dimension X [the planet] to save confusion, but none of them succeeded.
If one keeps going long enough in one direction, it's perfectly possible to hit what is known as the Great Barrier. The Great Barrier surrounds Dimension X [universe], and is a mirror. It's impossible to destroy the Great Barrier. Entire armies have tried...and none have succeeded. So I guess you could say, Great Barrier 27, Armies 0.
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