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The Embodiments [Planet]

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The Embodiments [Planet] Empty The Embodiments [Planet]

Post  Maxios on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:09 pm

There are gods. And there are to gods to what gods are to mortals. These super-supereme beings are known only as the Embodiments. The Embodiments live on Mt. Earth (Ghalorar in their supreme language). It's said that the Embodiments play games with the lives of mortals, on their gaming table made to be an exact replica of Dimension X (The Planet). Each of the Embodiments has several or more champions, that they can control.
The very strange thing is, Embodiments don't need to be worshipped to stay Embodiments. Few mortals, and gods, know of their existence.

Get it yet? The Embodiments are you, the users.
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