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SPA I: No relation to the Black or White Spies here =P

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SPA I: No relation to the Black or White Spies here =P

Post  Maxios on Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:34 pm


In Polis, on Floor Street in the Market District, there's a Green Phone Booth in front of the Espion Corporate HQ. When you enter the Phonebooth, and dial the numbers 111-2223, a secret door opens beneath you. The door leads you down to SPA HQ. SPA is Polis' premiere spy orginization. SPA goes on very dangerous, black-ops, style missions on a daily basic.
SPA is led by the misterious character known only as W. Whenenever W makes an important statement or mission briefing, his voice is muffled, and he's in the shadows.
SPA is always recruiting, but new recruits must go on rigorous tests, ending with a Mission. Do YOU have what it takes to become the next SPA Agent?
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